Find and Hire early entry electrician talent

A Modern way to hire electricians

finding new talent as a contractor is difficult

todays labor shortage doesn't help


Increase In Job Costs


Additional Workers Needed By 2026


GCs struggling to find workers

Electrician path makes hiring easier

Vetted Talent

Motivated and self selected talent. Our typical user is a millennial or generation-z electrician applicant (or aspiring). Usually between the ages of 17- 28.

Build your Brand

In todays world. People want to join a company they can fit into and know will treat them well. Electrician Path helps you grow your brand and recruit more talent

Source and Hire

View candidates who are interested in working at your company. Filter based on your needs and keep track of who is wanting to work at your company

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How it works


Claim your organization (ie. contractor) profile. Control your page with company information, benefits, pay scales and job postings. Boosting your brand and attracting more talent

Post Jobs

Post jobs with detailed descriptions, pay scales, requirements, duties and more to attract the right talent to your team

Source Applicants

View high-quality applicants that have applied for your job posting. Source based on experience, licenses, credentials or work history. Our network is full of self selected and motived aspiring electricians and current electricians from electrician helpers, apprentices to journeyman.