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A modern way for high school students to enter the electrical indudstry

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Electrician Path is a trusted partner for high schools, workforce development centers and non-profits that helps educate, train and provide resources to students who want to enter the skilled trades industry. Particularly within the Electrical Industry

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We provide your students and job seekers with resources

Electrician Path is the platform for current students seeking to become electricians and enter the electrical industry.

Students can find all the information they need on local programs that will help them become an electrician. Electrician Path

Resume builder

We made it easy for students to have a polished resume. Simply add fill out the forms and we'll do the rest.
As a bonus we let you provide this tool to all your skilled trades students, free of cost.

Access to platform

Even if your students aren't ready to enter the industry. They can use Electrician Path to view opportunities that might fit their career path.

Job Opportunties

Students get jobs right out of high school making top dollar. View job postings from electrician helper, pre-apprentice and apprentice roles

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